Troubleshooting Guide

Kindly check instructions below and see if it will make your device working again: 

If Device not working at all

  • Make sure the volume is turned on 
  • Check if the battery is inserted correctly (+ and in the right place). If you have to force the battery, you probably have it wrong.
  • Check to see that the battery is not dead. If in doubt, try a new one (where you have to remove the sticky paper flap off the battery surface). A dead battery is the most common reason for "dead aids".
  • Check battery contacts to be sure they are not corroded.
  • Check earmold to be sure that sound bore is not clogged with wax.

If Sound is Weaker than Usual

  • Check battery. Replace if necessary.
  • Check tubing for cracks, fraying, moisture, etc. Replace if necessary.
  • Check that the earmold is not clogged with wax.
  • Reposition the earmold for a tighter fit; it may have been whistling (feedback) at a pitch you cannot hear.

If Aid Goes On/Off or Has Scratchy Sound

  • Flick on/off switch back and forth, in case dust or lint has collected in the controls.
  • Check battery contacts.
  • Think where you have been. If in a very humid environment or have experienced excessive perspiration from vigorous activities, moisture may clog the aid and distort sounds. Use a hearing aid dehumidifier overnight and try again (see discussion above under "Moisture").
  • Check the tubing from earmold to the hearing aid and replace it if bent, cracked, frayed


If your device is still not working after doing the above instructions, please let us know so we can assist you with your device's repair/replacement.
We strive for 100% satisfaction and are dedicated to giving all of our customers an excellent experience. We greatly appreciate your willingness to allow us the opportunity to assist you and look forward to hearing from you soon!