About us

The Best Hearing Aids, with the Lowest Markups.

Traditional providers and manufacturers mark hearing aids up more than 10x to cover overhead and other miscellaneous costs. We cut out the middlemen by partnering with top-tier, independent manufacturers and delivering directly to you.

It's going to be a good day.

Every new day starts with sunrise and endless possibilities. Possibilities where sound—big or small—helps enhance your experience and creates connections to those around you. At WiHear, we get that the sounds of life are a big part of what gets you going each day. That’s why our highly-trained hearing instrument specialists have worked with customers to find comfortable and discreet hearing solutions that help them feel more prepared to take on what lies ahead. And because every person's day is different, our latest technology is customized to your individual hearing, so you can always stay connected to each moment of your day. Whether it’s your morning coffee, lunch with a good friend or evenings spent with family and loved ones, WiHear helps make every moment more memorable and gives you, even more, a reason to say... It's going to be a good day.