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Prevention for Hearing Loss.

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Now a day hearing loss is common, especially for our elders. Even to the new born child. As it is caused by the loud noise in our surroundings, even inside our home. There are natural noises that can cause hearing loss and we are not aware of it. Medications like the medicines with high dosage  and infection in the ear is also a factor of hearing loss, it is also genetic which is cannot be avoided. Some of us are using earplugs with a loud music, it is not advisable because it can damage your eardrums and turn to hearing loss. For those who are working on a construction site, the noise of the cement mixer, concrete breaker, hammer, and other equipments, it will leave your ears vibrating because of the impact of noise. It will definitely break your hearing. There are also appliances that have a sharp noise as we use it every day like washing machine, dryer, blower, television even the radio. With this matter, it can be control the way you use it. Think also of people living with you, their hearing will be also affected once using the noisy appliance in your house.

 The level of hearing can be measured through hearing test, if ever you do not have the budget  yet for this you can search online. There are several and free hearing tests online.  You can do it on your own, you just need to listen carefully and follow the instructions. The result will be given after the test.  This is a better idea because you will know your hearing test just in one click.  You can also bring the result to the audiologists once you are ready, the Doctor will tell you the is level of your hearing loss. There are options for your hearing loss treatment like using hearing device, surgery, and implants. You have a choice if what will be the most comfortable for your ears.

 You can still save the rest of your hearing by doing what's right in your ear. You know what's good and bad and what to avoid.  The permanent hearing loss is caused by loud noise and it is not curable. Don't wait that your hearing loss will end to deafness. There's something you can do to prevent the hearing loss and all you have to do is apply these in your daily lives. Simple but meaningful and helpful.

 ** Our ears is one of the most sensitive parts  of our body. Putting some liquid that is not in the ear may lead to infection. There are  recommended  tools that can be used to clean your ears like ear canal, hydrogen peroxide, cotton swab. Avoid using a bud and pushing it inside your ear, it will push back the earwax and cause to wax blockage. Make sure to clear and clean your ear.

 **As much as possible, do not take a high dosage medicine, especially if you are using medication for it. The medicine has a lot of chemicals that can damage your hearing, it will trigger once your body is used in taking strong medicine, you will soon realize that you are hard of hearing and that you are already checking it with your Doctor. There are some natural treatments that you can use, this one is safe for your body most especially in your ear.

 **Since we are prone to loud noise and it cannot be avoided, make your own way on how to rest your ear from it. There are so many products for ear protection and you can ask your Doctor if what they can recommend.  There are some available online like Ear guard, it can be used by construction workers to protect their ears from hard noise when they are working. Noise cancelling earplugs, you can use this when outdoors with fun activities. The Noise cancelling earplugs are also available, can be used when sleeping and also during travel. These are ear protection that you can use to rest your ear and to avoid the loss of your hearing.

 **The foods we eat can also affect our hearing. It is best to eat more of fruits and vegetable for a healthy body. Diet and exercise can help to prevent hearing loss.  We have also a habit like drinking liquor, smoking. These are some of the abusive habit for your body. Learn to quit smoking since it has a big impact for your ears and can cause a hearing loss too. Stop smoking and live healthier.

 **If you are hard of hearing, go directly to your Doctor so they can  check your hearing. It is better to know the level of hearing loss early so it can be cured. Another thing is, you can invest the best and long term hearing device so you can benefit a lot. There are many less expensive hearing devices and works great. You can compare the functions, hearing device and choose the one closest to your heart. Because you will use it every day choose the one which is easy to use.

 **Find the right audiologist, there are so many doctors in there, but there is only one who can help you and you will be comfortable with. An audiologist that is knowledgeable and easy to be with. Other's are strict and you feel unsatisfied and awkward.  Remember, a happy Doctor can easily heal the patient.

 You know the risks of your hearing, it may be hard at a start,  but you will surely get used to it. Be ready as well for the consequences of hearing loss. There are do's and dont's. Since our ear is very sensitive, make sure the take care of it. The noises in our surroundings are uncontrollable. Have some idea to prevent the noise.  As we get older, the hair cells in our ears are broken down, the vibrations will follow and the loud sound as well damages the hair cells in your ear. The more you reduce your exposure to loud sounds, the more you prevent the hearing loss. By keeping your ear clear, rest assure that there's no wax blockage inside of it.

 The woman has different hearing loss compared to man. And man is more prone to hearing loss. The women love to drink coffee and they can drink more than 1 cup in a day, and it helps to prevent the hearing loss. Men and woman have the same ear construction, the only thing is the  nature of their  job is different. The Woman is usually working in the office and quite places, there are some who are working in a factory with loud and sharp noise and it is rare.  Man is usually working in a noisy place just like the construction sites, fishing in the sea  and then in the factory. This is the reason why the number of men with hearing loss is getting higher. It's very rare for man who are working in the office and it is by profession as well. There are some companies who are providing the hearing gear to their workers, it simply means that the management is concerned for their employees. The individuals can also provide their own hearing protection for the sake of their hearing.

 Since hearing is important. Take time to check your hearing level once a month, so you are aware if there's a change in your hearing  loss and your Doctor can suggest more help for your hearing. The exercise is also important this will lessen your stress and depression, and for a fit body to avoid sickness that might affect your hearing.  And of course annual checkup once a year is also recommended, they can trace the sickness in your body that can cause a hearing loss.

Every individual that is experiencing a hearing problem, especially for those who cannot afford to get a hearing device they just disregard their hearing loss. And once the hearing loss is not treated it will get worst as in you cannot hear at all. But, there are some hearing companies who  donate the hearing device,  especially for those who are in need and have no enough money to purchase it. They deserve a help.

 This prevention of hearing loss can be applied to the youngest as they might experience hearing loss too. Many of teenagers are very abusive when it comes to their bodies and  it's part of their growing up. They did not even realize that they are also losing their hearing loss just by going to the concerts and noisy places.  These are some of the tips that you can share with your family member so they are aware of how the hearing loss, and where did it start. Do not be shy to wear a hearing device because this mini toll will help you hear again. Yes, it is awkward at start, but you will get used to it with continuous using. Don't think of other people, they will notice what's in your ear and for sure they will understand that you have hearing loss. And they will surely adjust for you. And for your loved ones they will  definitely help you.

A healthy hearing is a healthy life!