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Resolving Common Hearing Device Issues

Any electronic device is susceptible to any technical issues and hearing devices are no exception.  Millions around the world are suffering from hearing loss and if you are one of those millions who’s relying on hearing devices in your everyday life, it is important to quickly recognize causes and troubleshoot. Hearing devices issues are often simple and can be resolved by the wearer. To have a better experience with your hearing device, Better be familiarized with common issues and how to resolve it yourself to skip often hearing centers visit. If your devices stop working or won’t turn on. You wear your hearing device but it is not producing any sounds, you might want to check first if you need...

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Why Do My Hearing Device Whistles

Hearing loss is a common condition, not only with the elderly but also with individuals who are at risk. Hearing loss may create a big impact on everyone’s life and be able to manage it sooner will let the sufferer have an improvement in their quality of life.   Hearing devices can do wonders, especially if it was used in an early phase of a hearing loss and if will be used correctly. It can let the wearer have a successful and meaningful conversation, will let the wearer do their job well, or let the wearer to be connected with the society.  Hearing aids are very useful, indeed, but we should also be well informed about its common issue, “whistling.”. Isn’t...

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How To Eliminate Feedback In Your Hearing Aids

Do you ever feel like sometimes your hearing aid just won’t shut up? Does its constant whistling or chirping sounds make you feel like it always has something to say? This type of noise is known as hearing aid feedback, and it can be alarming, annoying, distracting and embarrassing all at the same time. Fortunately, eliminating feedback in your hearing aids is a simple process. Here’s how to find relief fast, starting with a brief lesson in physics: Why It Happens The science behind hearing aid feedback is complex, but simply put, a whistling hearing aid is actually the sound of the device processing and amplifying its own operating sounds. That’s right! Hearing aids, while small, are made of moving...

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